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Rootex – Powder, Liquid and Gel


Rootex Powder (3g/kg), Liquid (4g/L) and Gel (4g/L) contains naturally occurring auxins and plant hormone IBA which encourages, strikes and accelerates roots on plant cuttings. Suitable for semi hardwood plant types. Soft wood (1g/kg) and hardwood (8g/kg) formulas are also available upon request.Use: Dip the freshly cut end immediately into the Rootex Powder, Liquid or Gel. Cover the entire stem 1cm past the exposed cut. Use a pencil (or similar) to poke a planting hole into your chosen substrate. Carefully insert the cutting approximately 3cm into the planting hole. Avoid knocking off the rooting compound.

  • Powder5L
    • 500mL
    • 50mL
  • Liquid
    • 5L
    • 500mL
    • 50mL
  • Gel5kg
  • Pail1kg
  • Pail500g
  • Pail250g
  • Pail18g
  • Sachet
  • Rootex – Powder, Liquid and Gel Rootex – Powder, Liquid and Gel Rootex – Powder, Liquid and Gel


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