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Pro Grow – LED-Model S – 630 W 6 Bar


The new Pro Grow LED 630 W (Model S) has an output of PPF 1,720 µmol/s. Pro Grow blends top bin SMD diodes from both
Samsung and Osram for an outstanding efficacy of over 2.73 µmol/J. Pro Grow LED 630 W emits 4,000 K full spectrum light with an
industry leading CRI of 91.8. Coupled with a ultra-reliable Inventronics 0-10 V Dimming Driver, the light weight and durable die-cast
aluminium housings offer cool, fanless & totally silent operation. Extended reliability is assured with IP-55 water resistant, cleanable
housings. Fixtures are dimmable via the dial on the driver. Drivers can be fixed or remote mounted a maximum of 1.8 m away via the
extension cord provided. The 3 m long 0-10 V RJ14 connection cables provided can be replaced with 5 m long cables if required.
Four quality mounting rope ratchets are also included.


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