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Phresh – Pre-Filter Socks


Suitable for Phresh Filters and Phresh In-Line Filters.
Phresh Pre-Filter Socks use a proprietary fibre count/density dacron fabric that
breathes up to 50% better than off the shelf dacron. Phresh Pre-Filter Socks have
been tested to filter down to 50 microns which is twice as much as other off shelf
dacron. Protect your carbon filter and make sure it flows the maximum air to
ensure a cool, well ventilated room.

100 x 300mmPPFS100
150 x 600mm  PPFS150
200 x 1000mm PPFS200
250 x 1000mm PPFS250
300 x 1000mm  PPFS300
350 x 1200mm PPFS350


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