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If you want the biggest fruits and flowers, a mixture of top quality nutritional minerals that stimulate flowering.

If you do this at the right moment, you will get astonishing results!

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Nulife – Power Gro (2 part)


Powergro hydroponic 2 part solution was developed by an agronomist who has been involved in horticulture for over 35 years .

The great benefits of Powergro are fewer nutrient changes and better balanced products, giving healthier crops. 42% stronger nutrient means more money in your pocket. Needs only to be changed every 3-4 weeks when using GOOD QUALITY water ie: water not exceeding 150ppm.


1L A&B Grow

4L A&B Grow

20L A&B Grow

1L A&B Bloom

4L A&B Bloom

20L A&B Bloom


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