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Max-Fan Pro Series


Featuring multi speed press button speed control

  • The multi speeds gives the grower more control
  • Allows for a wider range of flow rates without any extra outlay
  • The new tough polymer casing adds a new degree to the product durability
  • The all new 3D rotor stator motor is even more efficient – higher air flow and yet quieter
Max-Fan Pro 150

Max-Fan Pro 150


2 Speeds;

  • 470 m³/h
  • 600 m³/h
Max-Fan Pro 200

Max-Fan Pro 200


2 Speeds;

  • 870 m³/h
  • 1220 m³/h
Max-Fan Pro 250

Max-Fan Pro 250


2 Speeds;

  • 1470 m³/h
  • 1660 m³/h
Max-Fan Pro 315

Max-Fan Pro 315


3 Speeds;

  • 2130 m³/h
  • 2770 m³/h
  • 3180 m³/h
Max-Fan Pro 400

Max-Fan Pro 400


3 Speeds;

  • 2620 m³/h
  • 2970 m³/h
  • 3300 m³/h


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