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ISO-Max features a powerful and efficient MAX-Fan integrated into a metal silencer lined with a special acoustic material. This results in the same efficiency of the MAX-Fan plus the added benefit of extra quiet operation.

The 150 and 200 models incorporate 3 speed fixed switching. Again, like the Pro Series fans, these speed positions are tuned into the “sweet spots” allowing the grower to position the fan speed to operate at maximum efficiency.

  • The innovative design, introduced to the market by Can Filters, is an ultimate product for duct ventilation. Simple installation – Ultimate performance
  • Super efficiency, yet super quiet
  • 3 step switches allow the retailer to increase the range of filters the fans cover
  • 3 step switches also give the grower greater flexibility with seasonal adjustment
  • All steel robust construction
  • Easy to use mounting brackets
Iso-Max 150

ISO-Max 150

with 3 speed fan controller

410 m³/h

Iso-Max 200

ISO-Max 200

with 3 speed fan controller

870 m³/h

ISO-Max 250

ISO-Max 250

1480 m³/h

ISO-Max 315

ISO-Max 315

2380 m³/h

ISO-Max 315 High Speed

ISO-Max 315 – High Speed

3260 m³/h


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