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If you want the biggest fruits and flowers, a mixture of top quality nutritional minerals that stimulate flowering.

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Hydromino, Powdered Nutrients


Hydromino A Powder is a specifically formulated NPK based powder with essential trace elements suitable for fertigation, drip irrigation and foliar spray for all types of plants, vegetables, fruits & flowers.
Features: Manusol 36, N-P-K-7:4:24.5 plus trace elements is a commercial general use soluble fertiliser for fertigation and foliar spray uses.
Hydromino B Powder is calcium nitrate and contains two of the basis nourishment elements that plants require, first of which is nitrate, and second is calcium. Calcium nitrate is an excellent choice and an essential part of all fertigation in all soils and climates.
Features: Calcium roles – Cell wall and general structure, cell membrane function, protection from aluminium and manages toxicity. Plant defence and improved photosynthesis. Helps to improve root contact with soil. Nitrate – reduces ammonium within the roots and foliage of the plants. This ammonium is converted to nitrogen for amino acid formation required by all plants.
Hydromino C Powder is a potassium nitrate in a granular form. Potassium nitrate is a soluble source of two major essential plant nutrients and is commonly used as a fertiliser on high value plant, vegetable, fruit and flowering crops that benefit from the use of nitrate and potassium.
Features: Both N & K are required by plants to support harvest quality, protein formation, disease resistance and water use efficiency which is applied to soil or through the irrigation system during the growing season to support healthy growth.
Hydromino D Powder is monopotassium phosphate in a powder form. As a nitrogen free fertilizer, it is a good source of phosphorus and potassium throughout the flowering stage of sugar rich fruit crops.
Features: Fully water soluble, consists of 100% plant nutrients, free of chloride, sodium and other detrimental elements that can effect plant growth. Neutral pH and salt index, suitable for fertigation and foliar application.

1kg A
1kg B, C & D
5kg A
5kg B, C & D
20kg A
20kg B, C & D


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