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HORTIVISION T-LED’S – Tled 42W Grow -Lights


Hortivision T-LED’S are a game changer!
Offering unique new driverless LED solutions for propagation, vegetative and bloom!
The T-LED are a slimline sleek bar with custom spectrum designed for efficiency and low-heat performance. Perfect for summer grows!
Hortivision T-LED use just 26w (propagation) or 42w (grow and bloom) operating at 50/60Hz (240v) and are rated for 50,000hrs of life!
Hortivision bring affordable excellence to home gardens, try our new range of T-LED and upgrade your light quality and quantity today!



26W GROW 6500K 525MM
26W BLOOM 2700K 525MM
42W GROW 6500K 1040MM
42W BLOOM 2700K 1040MM



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