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660w SPECTRO is HI-PAR’s next-generation LED horticultural lighting for maximum
power! The HI-PAR 660w LED Spectro is an innovative true full-spectrum LED fixture,
with a futuristic design unlike anything else; HI-PAR 660w LED Spectro delivers
maximum performance and efficiency with removable LED bars for customisation while
maintaining the highest possible output and huge coverage. SPECTRO 660w LED is
built tough for durability and is compatible with the HI-PAR Control Station V2.
SPECTRO is designed for best use for both vegetative and heavy flowering plants.

Performance – Efficiency and product data

Model PPF μmol/s (tested at 22°C) Fixture Efficiency μmol/J (power 660W) Input
Maximum Current @240V(A) Power Factor (COSθ) Working Voltage (V) Supply Frequency (Hz) Light Angle (°)
HP660 LEDSPC 1782 2.7 660 2.99 0.95 120-277 50/60 120


* True full spectrum output
* Interchangeable clip on LED bars
* Osram and LUMLED LED chips
* Compatible with HI-PAR Control Station V2
* Dimmable 25%, 50%, 75% & 100%
* Remote dimmer included
* Passive cooling (no fans)
* 50,000 hour lifespan
* Dimensions: 1119.6 x 1066 x 74.1mm
* IP65 Tested and approved
* Easy to use – plug ’n’ play
* 3 year warranty

All SPECTRO fixtures are compatible with HI-PAR Control Station V2.


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