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Guardian Monitor Bluelab


Guardian Monitor

Bluelab Guardian Monitor
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The Bluelab Guardian Monitor constantly measures conductivity, pH and temperature levels, and displays it in an easy to read LED.Many factors determine how fast plants take up nutrients; season, stage of growth, temperature, and available light, just to mention a few. And with these variables the critical elements of the hydroponic nutrient can readily change.

The Bluelab Guardian monitor makes the task of balancing these changes easier.

Main Features:

    • Adjustable display brightness
    • Three large easy to read displays
    • Green ‘Plant Safe’ LED display
    • Selectable values for conductivity and temperature
    • Simple push button pH calibration
    • No calibration required for conductivity and temperature
    • Silent alarm
    • All settings are retained if the power is lost
    • Automatic temperature compensation
    • Mains power supply
    • Water resistant design
    • Bluelab 2 year guarantee (6 months on pH probe)


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