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GreenBroz – CannaGin De-Stemmer


Speed up your harvest.
The GreenBroz 215 CannaGin De-stemmer is the perfect first step in the GreenBroz automated harvesting process. Various stem
guides allow you to process multiple stems at a time, decreasing the amount of time between cut down and the final trim. The 215
CannaGin De-stemmer’s stainless steel shearing doors allow you to apply pressure to your stems as needed, keeping you in control
of the de-stemming process. Customisable speed control ranges from 0-80 RPM. Lock in your speed to resume de-stemming at
your most recently saved RPM. The 215 CannaGin De-stemmer offers two spring-loaded stainless steel shearing doors and five
various sized stem guides, allowing you to de-stem multiple branches at a time to maximize your efficiency and minimize the time
between cut down and your next harvest step, which is imperative so that you can capture your flower at its absolute peak.
• Construction: Food-Grade Stainless Steel & HDPE
• Power: 240V / 25W / 0.1 Amp
• Weight: 13kg
• Whisper Quiet Motor Speed: Variable 1-80 RPM
• Standby/Run Switch
• Forward/Reverse Switch
• Destem Rate: 4-6 lbs. Per Hour
• Dimensions: 26”W x 8”L x 8.25”H
With Shroud & Ramp: 26”W x 15.75”L x 11”H
• Alternate Faceplate: 4 Spring-Loaded Shearing Doors
• Stock Faceplate: 2 Spring-Loaded Shearing Doors & 5 Various Sized Stem Guides
• Rear Shroud Directs Stems for Collection
• Simple Clean Up


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