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If you want the biggest fruits and flowers, a mixture of top quality nutritional minerals that stimulate flowering.

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GreenBroz – Alchemist 420


Turn your trim into gold.
The GreenBroz Alchemist 420 is a dry-sift, solvent-free trichome extractor designed to ensure you are getting the absolute most
out of your harvest. Our GreenBroz Dry Trimmers are so gentle on your flower that the trim is perfectly preserved and ready to be
thrown straight into the Alchemist for simple trichome removal. The Alchemist Trichome Extractor can be operated as a stand-alone
unit or with the addition of pulverized dry ice, using ‘180 Micron’ screens to provide the highest yield and most quality product
possible. The Alchemist 420 Trichome Extractor has a capacity of 2.5 cubic feet and can fit as much as 10 pounds of trim at a time
while producing a high-quality yield of 15%-25% by weight. With a variable run timer that allows you to stop the process at any time,
you can dial in your runs to maximize efficiency and profitability.
• Construction: Food-Grade Stainless Steel & HDPE
• Power: 240V / 40W / 0.17 Amp
• Weight: 86kg
• Whisper Quiet Motor Speed: 20 RPM
• 4 x 180 Micron Screens (Standard)
• 4 x 80 x 130 Micron Screens (Optional)
• Adjustable Timer
• Dimensions:
Table up: 41“W x 35.5“L x 65.25“H
Table down: 34.5“W x 35.5“L x 65.25”H
• Capacity: 2.5 Cubic Feet
• Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Stand
• Lock Handle Increase Ease of Use
• 4 x Trichome Collection Panels Yield: 15%-25% By Weight


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