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G-Pots are the first dedicated drainage trays designed specifically for Geopots or any brand of air pruning pot (fabric or plastic).

G-Pots have multiple formats of use, provide exceptional value and offer design features like no other drain tray.

G-Pots unique tapered design allows maximum air exposure to the entire air pruning pot.

G-Pots include a flat, dedicated panel that can be drilled to accommodate

  • 13mm
  • 19mm
  • 25mm poly fittings.

G-Pots come in two sizes, 480mm (up to 38L/10Gal) and 550mm (up to 76L/20Gal).

Both sizes are 150mm/6″ high and provide ample volume for drainage and controlled medium flushing.

G-Pots can be used by themselves or with a Pot Grid insert for increased drainage and air exposure.

G-Pots lock together to form a stable pot stand and drain tray system.

G-Pots provide the complete potting solution with the
addition of the interlocking trellis (SCROG) kit.

With G-Pots the choice is yours.

  • G-Pots stack together tightly for maximum shipping efficiency.
  • G-Pots can be used by themselves to drain your favourite air pruning pot.
  • Insert Pot Grids to increase drainage in low lying areas (extra 60mm above floor level).
  • Interlock two G-Pots for pot stand and drain tray combined (150mm above floor level).
  • Complete G-Pot kit includes the sturdiest and most versatile trellis netting system to date.
  • Exceptional strength (up to 150kg load), quality, versatility and value for money.

G-Pot Systems

  • Base 480mm
    Base 550mm
    Trellis Kit

G-Pot Accessories

Connector 2 Way
Connector 5 Way
Lock Plug
Trellis End Cap
Base Pole 350mm
Pole 350mm
Pole 500mm


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