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Can-Fan (RS)


The Can-Fan centrifugal fan range is manufactured using quality German components. The fans feature solid metal powder coat housing and a reverse curve blade design offering low noise and high output.

Centrifugal fans should be used in any application that requires air to be pulled or pushed through lengths of ducting greater than five metres, multiple air cooled lights, or with carbon filters.

The centrifugal motion spirals the air for maximum flow rates in high pressure situations.

The flow rates stated below are certified under professional testing conditions. Some manufacturers do not test their fans to industry standards, some exaggerate the rates, while others just guess the flow rates.

You can trust a Can-Fan will do exactly what it states.


Can-Fan RS 100

  • 100mm
  • 200 m³/h

Can-Fan RS 125

  • 125mm
  • 300 m³/h

Can-Fan RS 150

  • 100mm
  • 470 m³/h

Can-Fan RS 200

  • 200mm
  • 810 m³/h

Can-Fan RS 250

  • 250mm
  • 890 m³/h

Can-Fan RS 315

  • 315mm
  • 1330 m³/h


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