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Specialized wide range of all hydroponic nutrients, additives as well as growing media for water fed gardening enthusiasts.

Check out all our accessories to complete your personalized perfect hydro system for the successful growth of your plants.

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Nutrients / Additives

Increase Nutrient Values
Specially formulated for extra additional productivity

Growing Media

Healthy Plant Growth
Halve your nutrient and additive costs


Hose and Pot Irrigation
Keep oxygen and water cooled with specialized equipment

Grow Tents

Small Area Propagation
Tents have been designed for the novice, first timers and price conscious shopper


Plant Propagation
The best propagation practices to enhance your plants successful yield


Plants & Equipment Cooling
Quieter and speed controled fans for cooling plants enviroment


Extra Helpful Items
From full system kits to temperature probe and reflectors

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